Cable Harness Tester

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Efficient cable testing tool that you must have for your cable production and maintenance work.

Improve your efficiency and quality of your cable harness assembly production using this cable harness tester. Fast checking to ensure that your harness wiring is done correctly by your operators.

Testing of cable harness connectivity for your production line.
A portable tester for onsite cable checking.
Using it as an electrical wire tester to check for electrical connection.
Automated connection checking on PCB board.
Multiple wire cable tester.
Reverse engineering the cable wiring connection.
Test setup to capture intermediate cable issue due to broken or loose wiring connection.
This cable tester is also designed for interfacing to your existing equipment machinery and computer to allow for a fully automated testing system.

Basic Features
This cable harness tester provides the basic testing of your harness wiring connection to your connectors. Ensure your production quality by checking all the connection on your cable harness.

Low-cost cable connection tester kit.
Checks all open/close connection between all the wire terminals on your cable.
Small size, light weight (easy portable).
Power using USB from a wall plug or via portable power bank.
Beep sound alert (enable or disable).
Auto-start testing when the cable is connected or manual press button to start.
Screw terminal to allow you to easily setup with your own connector for your cable harness test.
Master connection learned will still be retained after power-off.
Generate test report for you to see the connection of unknown wiring for your documentation.
Test setup to capture intermediate wire connection problem.

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A short USB mini-B cable is included in your purchase. (length is 500mm)
The power supply is sold separately. (You can use any USB 5V power supply)