Audio Activated Relay Switch Output

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This device detects audio from your 3.5mm stereo socket and uses the audio as a means to control relay output.

Detects audio and trigger an output relay.
You can then interface the output relay to an external system.

Simple to use.

Simply plug in the USB to supply this converter with power.

Plug in your audio jack for the audio sound input.

When sound is detected from your audio jack, the relay will be activated.

Convert sound into a light indicator.
Convert sound alert into other alarm tones.
Use with PIC-124 Alarm Mute Switch to temporary mute sound/alarm.
Power through USB mini-B port (5V).
Socket for a 3.5mm stereo audio jack.
3.81mm pluggable connector terminal for the
relay output with NO (Normally Open), NC (Normally Closed).
Settings through adjustment POT inside the device.
Configurable settings through USB virtual serial communication port.
LED indicates power available.
LED indicates sounds coming from the Left/Right audio channel.
LED indicates when the relay output is activated.

Size Dimension: 67 x 67 x 24mm

Click here for more information about PIC-125 Audio Activated Output Relay Switch.

A short USB mini-B cable is included in your purchase. (length is 500mm)
The power supply is sold separately. (You can use any USB 5V power supply)