Rain Sensor

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Rain Sensor using optical technology.
Install outdoor to detect rain, water or condensation.

Robust and much longer lifespan compared to other resistive rain/water sensor.
This is because our sensor does not have to worry about oxidization (electrode corrosion) which can degrade performance over a short period of time (especially in a humid tropical region like Singapore and Malaysia).


  • Easy to maintain
  • No moving mechanical parts.
  • No oxidize problem.
  • Simple to install.

Power Supply Input (Voltage): 12 to 30Vdc or 12 to 26Vac
Output Relay: Normally Open/Close (NO, NC), Max load 1A
Operating Temperature Range: from -40 to 60°C

This product does not come with its own power adapter. The recommended power adapter is 230Vac to 12Vdc (0.5A or more). You can also share the power supply from your existing installation. The sensor accepts a wide range of voltage (12 to 30Vdc range) which allows you to easily tap from your existing power supply installed on site. This saves cost and simplifies your wiring.

Notes: 1 Year Warranty and Local Technical Support for customer installing this product in Singapore.

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Note: The power supply is sold separately. (You can use your own power supply)